Questions and Answers from Placer County on the local COVID-19 Public Health Vaccine Clinic


UPDATE: Jan. 19 - Healthcare systems are frequently updating eligibility criteria based on capacity and available vaccine. Please visit this page for the most current information on clinics and how to make an appointment.

The Placer County Public Health Division is currently conducting vaccine clinics for Phase 1A priority groups (Tiers 1-3) and Placer County residents 65 and older in Phase 1B. If you do not meet these criteria, please do not attempt to make an appointment. Proof of residency and age are required for age-based groups; proof of employment is required for employment-based groups. Please also have your appointment date and time on hand when you arrive.

If you show up for an appointment and are not from an eligible Phase 1A Tier 1, 2, or 3 group or a resident 65 and above, you will be denied a vaccine. If you show up without an appointment, you will be denied a vaccine. 

Is it drive through or walk up?

The fairgrounds clinic is walk up, primarily due to the location combined with the requisite 15 minute observation period that is required after someone receives a vaccine. There is a ramp for accessibility. The clinic is held in Jones Hall and attention is paid to distancing and ventilation in the building. Masks are required. 

Are there lines at the fairgrounds clinic? If someone has a hard time standing for long period of time, what can they do?

Because the clinic is by appointment the lines are quite short – about 10 minutes from the door or 30 minutes from the gate. The lines are distanced and masks are required. If someone has difficulty standing, they can talk to a clinic staff member upon arrival to arrange a chair.

When are new appointments added/when should I check the website?

New appointments are added based on vaccine availability. Placer receives its vaccine allotments weekly and the amounts have been variable. When new appointments are available, they are most often posted late in the week. 

How do people sign up for second doses?

The county will be contacting people by email to direct them to the Placer site when it is time for their second dose. Given the variability of vaccine supply, and ensuring people get their second doses on time, we cannot schedule clinics more than a week in advance. While individuals can get their second dose at another location if they choose, as long as it is from the same manufacturer (Pfizer or Moderna) as the first dose, it is preferred to receive both doses at the same location. 

If someone has difficulty with the registration system or does not have computer access, where can they go?

The county is using the state’s PrepMod software for registration and understands that the non-dynamic nature of scheduling in this system has been frustrating for many. The state is expected to launch a new registration software by the end of January, and it is our hope that this system will be more user-friendly.

We are establishing partnerships with community organizations who can help clients with technology challenges navigate evolving vaccine information.

What if I see messages in the registration links for the county or Safeway that indicate only Phase 1a is eligible, not 65+?

Both Safeway and the state’s PrepMod software are in the process of updating their web portals to reflect 65+ eligibility (the county does not have access to edit this language). Eligible residents in this category may proceed making an appointment and ignore messages to the contrary.

Can someone sign up for an appointment at the county clinic even if they have insurance through another provider?

If someone is an eligible member of a regional health system (Kaiser, Sutter, UC Davis, etc.) we encourage you to check with your provider first. Many multi-county entities such as Sutter and Kaiser receive vaccine allotments that are separate from the county’s. However, if you are unable to book an appointment and there are appointments available through the county, you can book through the county.

What do I need to bring with me to my appointment?

Proof of residency and age are required for age-based groups; proof of employment is required for employment-based groups. Please also have your appointment date and time on hand when you arrive.