Oak Tree Information


A permit is required prior to the removal of any oak trees that are six inches or larger in diameter. The City does not charge a fee to issue oak tree removal permits. However, in some cases, mitigation for the removal of trees may be required.

In the City of Rocklin, no permits are required to prune any tree on your property, to remove any trees other than oaks, or to remove any oak tree that is less than six inches in diameter measured at 4.5 feet above the root crown.

Property owners may mitigate for the removal of oak trees by either paying into an established fund or by planting new oak trees on the property. Mitigation requirements differ for residential zone districts and commercial/industrial zone districts. Exactly when and what type of mitigation is required is generally as follows:

•  For undeveloped single-family lots, oak trees that are dead or dying may be removed with no mitigation required; however, in most cases, the health of the tree will have to be verified to the City, in writing, by a certified arborist.

•  Healthy oak trees may be removed but must be mitigated by the planting of two 5-gallon native oak trees for each tree removed or by paying an in lieu fee per tree into the City’s established mitigation fund.

•  Heritage trees, oaks that are 24 inches in diameter or larger measured at 4.5 feet above the root crown, may also be removed but must be mitigated by the planting of five 5-gallon native oaks for each tree removed, or again by paying in lieu fees, per tree, into the City’s established mitigation fund.

For oak tree removal on undeveloped multi-family, commercial, or industrial property, contact the Planning Division.

The Oak Tree Preservation Guidelines and Ordinance gives more information on oak tree regulations. These guidelines provide information on planting and building around existing oak trees, as well as pruning and disease care.

Oak Tree Preservation Guidelines

Municipal Code Chapter 17.77 Oak Tree Preservation Ordinance

Oak Tree Removal Permit