Fire Inspections and Permits


To schedule any fire inspections or for information about codes, regulations, or fees, call (916) 625-5300 (Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.).





Fire Construction Permits

Submit construction or fire protection system permit applications and building plans in person or by mail to:

Community Development Department Permit Center

3970 Rocklin Road
Rocklin, CA 95677

Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:00pm

Fire Operational Permits

Operational permits are required under the California Fire Code. Operational fire permits, when issued, allow the legal operation or conduction of specified business, such as storage of flammable/combustible liquids, garage repairs, etc. permitted for a period of 12-months. Permits are renewed annually. These permits have been established to provide a focused survey and inspection of the operation and/or building to help ensure minimum fire and life safety requirements are maintained at an acceptable level.

Fire Business Inspections

The purpose of fire annual business inspections is to focus on preventable causes of injury, loss of life, and loss of property by providing inspections where human occupancy is the greatest and in areas containing high hazards. To achieve this, the Fire Department advises occupants and owners on the portions of the fire code that deal with the means of egress, building design safeguards which include the building’s fire protection features, and fire protection equipment.

Fire Service Inspections

These are services which the Rocklin Fire Department is already providing, such as grazing, weed abatement and public fireworks display permits, with updated fees. Other current fire department services are included in the fee study and have permits too. For more information on the current fee schedule,

Visit the Managed Grazing page for more information on grazing and weed abatement, or to request grazing on your property.

Visit the Fireworks Regulation page for fireworks booth or public fireworks display applications

Fire Construction and Fire Protection System Inspections

To schedule a construction inspection, call the Rocklin Fire Department at (916) 625-5300.

Other Fire Inspections Required

Some of the inspections conducted by the Prevention Division of the Fire Department include:

  • Child or elder care facility
  • Schools
  • Hotel, motel, apartment and large care facilities
  • Special events