Contractors and Commercial Property Owners


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A main goal of the Rocklin Fire Department, Prevention Division is to assist Contractors in keeping their projects on track. We strive hard to answer your questions about fire life safety processes for your planning and construction of your projects. 

All plans should be submitted at City Hall located at 3970 Rocklin Road. Please have your Plan Review Application filled out prior to arrival, this will assist in the efficiency of your plan intake process and decrease your processing time. 

When you receive plan review comments back from the Fire Department please ensure that you submit written plan review response comments, this will decrease the amount of time your project is under plan review.

When you are ready for an inspection please call the Fire Department at (916) 625-5300. To ensure that you are prepared for your inspection you will need to have approved plans on site as well as your job card.


The Fire Department adheres to the current California Fire Code, no variances will be allowed. Please refer to the following link for information pertaining to Solar: Download PDF

Subdivision Projects:

The Fire Department reviews the Civil Improvement Plans, the Building Plans, as well as approves Street Name submittals.

You will need an underground inspection and site inspection(s) from the Fire Department. In order to release permits for construction you will need a construction phasing map as well as a site inspection to ensure that Street Signs are up, hydrants are functional, and access is available. 

Please contact the Fire Department for assistance.

Refer to the following attachments to assist in the processing of your request in a more efficient fashion:

Forms List:

Fire Department Civil Plan Review Standards
Hydrant Flow Test Request
Plan Review Application
 Sample of Plan Review Comments Sheet

Commercial Property Owners

The Rocklin Fire Department Prevention Division is dedicated to assisting you in creating a safe environment for you and your employees as well as creating a fire safe atmosphere for the patrons of your business. We are here to assist you with fire safety plans as well as State Mandated Fire Life Safety Inspections.

As a building owner in the State of California you are responsible to ensure that all mandated maintenance on your building is performed. California has adopted the National Fire Protection (NFPA) Standard 25, Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection and as a building owner you must ensure that these standards are followed. The following link may prove helpful in understanding the guidelines: Download PDF

You may also find the following websites to be helpful:

Digital editions of the California Fire Code, you may need to update your link as codes update: Download PDF

You may also find the Rocklin Fire Department Site Inspection Checklist helpful.