RV Parking Guidelines


The City of Rocklin has developed a proactive program for recreational vehicle parking violations. RVs, trailers, boats and campers must be stored in a garage, a commercial storage facility, or on a solid surface (on private residential property, outside of the front and street side yard setbacks). For information on setback locations for your property, please contact the Planning Division at (916) 625-5160.

Provided that the RV, trailer, boat, or camper is not parked for more than 9 days in any 30 day period, they may be parked in the driveway or any other solid surface in the front or street side yard setbacks for up to 48 hours for the purposes of loading, unloading, cleaning, and general maintenance or they can be parked on public streets in residential areas for up to 72 consecutive hours. The current RV parking rules are outlined in section 17.08.130 of the Rocklin Municipal Code. The Code Compliance Officer periodically surveys the City to monitor recreational vehicles that are illegally parked.