City of Rocklin Approves Agreement to Purchase Former Rocklin Golf Club Land


The Rocklin City Council approved an agreement on October 24 to purchase approximately 184 acres of land that was previously the site of the Rocklin Golf Club, which closed in August of 2015.

The purchase price is $5.8 million, with an initial payment of $2.8 million to be made at closing, followed by six annual payments of $531,015.96 beginning in December of 2018.

“Acquisition of this acreage creates a unique opportunity for our community,” Mayor Scott Yuill said. “In Rocklin, we’ve always valued our parks and open spaces. The addition of this expansive, natural area in the middle of the city will complement our traditional parks and open spaces perfectly. Considering one day these recreation amenities could be connected by trails, Rocklin will remain a desirable place to live and work well into the future.”

Since the closure of the Rocklin Golf Club, the land has suffered from issues related to reduced maintenance, trespass, and vandalism, leading residents to request city assistance in finding a long-term solution for the property.

There is no current timeline for public use and the deal must still be finalized, pending a feasibility study. If purchased, it will take time and additional resources for the city to bring the property up to standards for public access. A phased approach for use will likely be implemented, but not before it is appropriate and safe to do so.

After taking ownership, the city will provide adequate weed abatement and fire control maintenance throughout the property, regardless of when the land may be opened to the public.

The city envisions the land serving public purposes including, but not limited to, the expansion of recreation, parks, and trail systems. The expansion of Rocklin’s trail system has been the most requested improvement to parks in surveys conducted by the city and this land could allow great opportunities to do just that.

Although negotiations have been on and off for nearly two years, the city and ownership of the former Rocklin Golf Club property have enjoyed a positive working relationship and reach out to each other often on matters, including conversations for purchase and sale.

The city’s doors remained open to solutions after the conclusion of the previous public meetings in 2017 and with continued interest in an agreement, cooperated on this deal with no residential or commercial development on the land included.