Proposed Land Re-use Open House
May 9 Community Forum Scheduled to Discuss Possibilities for Former Sunset Whitney Golf Course


A public discussion on the opportunities for reuse of the former Sunset Whitney golf course is scheduled as part of the May 9 Rocklin City Council meeting, which will be held at the Rocklin Events Center at 5:30 p.m.

A proposal to set a framework for the conversation was presented City Council on March 28, with Council deciding to continue the community conversation.
The Sunset Whitney Golf Course was closed in August 2015 due to financial troubles.  Since the closure, the land has suffered from issues related to reduced maintenance, trespass, and vandalism, leading surrounding residents to request the city assist in identifying a long-term solution for the property.

The golf course closed at least three times in its history due to financial insolvency, once in 1964, a second time in 2009, and the final closure in 2015.

Any development that may move forward will be subject to the City’s sole discretion in the entitlement process, including all applicable planning, environmental, and public hearing requirements.