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Bill, Tax & Fee payments


Can my special taxes/assessments be pre-paid?
If your special taxes or assessments are tied to repayment of bonds, you may pre-pay them.

For information regarding pre-payment contact Muni Financial at 1.866.807.6864.


What does Mello-Roos pay for?
Mello-Roos taxes pay for public improvements and services. For example, Mello-Roos funds local:

  • Police
  • Fire
  • Library
  • Schools
  • Recreation
  • Flood Control
  • Maintenance of Parks, Parkways & Open Space

Am I eligible for financial assistance with my utility bills?
The City does not provide financial assistance with utility bills.  However, PG&E provides assistance to low-income, disabled and senior citizen customers through numerous programs and community outreach projects.

Can I pay a city bill online?
No.  The City currently accepts cash, check or money order, by mail or in person, for all payments.

Can I pay for a class online?
Yes.  Most recreation classes are eligible for on-line registration through the RecDirect program.  You can set up a brand new account, request your log-in ID, Family PIN or request changes to your current account.  We also now have Automatic Payment Service for the Rocklin Preschool and Kids Junction Before and After School program.

Can I pay property taxes online?
Contact the Placer County Tax Collector's Office at 530.889.4120.

How do I report bad tasting/looking water?
You can contact the Placer County Water Agency at 530.823.4850 for any questions or concerns you have about water quality.  Water service is provided by the Placer County Water Agency, an independent special district.

How does Mello-Roos work?
Mello-Roos gives districts timely access to financing through the sale of bonds. The Mello-Roos tax pays back the principle & interest on those bonds.


I have a question about a bill from the city.
Contact the Finance and Budget Department at 916.625.5020.

I have a question about my Federal Taxes.
Contact the Internal Revenue Service at 800.829.1040.

I have a question about my property or real estate taxes.
Contact the Placer County Assessor's Office at 530.889.4300.

I have a question about my State Taxes.
Contact the Franchise Tax Board at 800.852.5711.

I want to buy property in the City of Rocklin. How much will the special taxes/assessments be?
For information on special districts and current taxes/assessments for a specific parcel within the City of Rocklin (as well as any applicable maximum tax for the current period), contact Muni Financial at 1-866-807-6864


I want to contest a "moving violation."
You must appear in the court on the date assigned and present your case to the judge.

I want to contest a Parking Ticket.
Contact the records unit of the police department at 625-5400 or come to the front counter of the police department.

What is Mello-Roos?
Mello-Roos refers to district areas. Property owners in these districts pay a special tax that goes toward public facilities & services.


When did Mello-Roos start? Where did it come from?
Finding funding for local public facilities & services is daunting. Senator Henry Mello and Assemblyman Mike Roos proposed the Mello-Roos Community Facilities Act of 1982, which gave California local governments access to community funding. Today, we abbreviate the name to "Mello-Roos."


When does my Mello-Roos expire?
Not all Mello-Roos taxes have an expiration date.

Some Mello-Roos taxes fund ongoing maintenance, fire and/or ambulance services, etc. These do not expire unless an expiration date was approved when the district was formed.

Some Mello-Roos taxes are used to pay for improvements like roads, sanitary sewage systems, etc. If the improvements are financed with bond proceeds, the bonds will have a specific maturity date. This is typically referred to as the “expiration” date.

You can find out if/when your Mello-Roos special taxes expire by comparing the line items on your Placer County tax bill with the appropriate Community Facilities District , listed on our website, and note any expiration date.


Where can I get information about the Rocklin Unified School District Community Facility Districts 1 and 2 listed on my Placer County Property Tax bill?
Contact the Rocklin Unified School District at 916.624.2428.


Who do I contact about my water, electricity, or gas bill?
The Utilities page lists common utilities in Rocklin, including contact information.


Why is Mello-Roos on my Placer County tax bill?
If you own real property in a Community Facilities District, you incur the Mello-Roos tax.


Will the Mello-Roos tax increase?
It can. The tax may also decrease.  - consult your specific Community Facilities District for more information.