Rocklin Ramble



Rocklin Ramble 5K Crazy Fun
Obstacle Course

Thank you to all the participants, sponsors, staff and volunteers who made this year's Rocklin Ramble such a fun experience.  All participants can download their starting line photos here.  Just double click on your photo, then right click and "save as" to your device  We hope to see all of you again next year on April 30-May 1, 2016.
Superteam results are below.  Teams may pick up their team trophy at the Parks and Recreation office.

Avenger Division
1st - Boys on Fire II (30:30)
2nd - Rocklin Bulldogs (32:41)
3rd - Lynch Girls


Superman Division
1st - Team Rocklin Rocks (43:21)
2nd - La Fuerza
3rd - Namaste'


Spiderman Division
1st - Just for Fun
2nd - Happy Hour
Heroines (45:31)
3rd - Four Chicks and a Dude (46:23)


Batman Division
1st - Walgreen Lanterns (50:00)
2nd - The Dirt Balls
3rd - Super Chicks


Hulk Division
1st - Kale Storm
2nd - Saxony Supers
3rd - Hufflepuff



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special programs and much more as the event gets closer to the start date.

What to expect This year
Superhero Theme returns
Superteams have 5 secret tasks
New Obstacles!
"Obstacle" Sponsorships
Superteams and Elite are timed
Great post-party hosted by KHITS
Two Days of start times
Families do entire course
ALL participants receive medals
T's for Superteams and Individuals
Family Awards for families
Live Web Results on Monday Night 
Fun, Fun, Fun!


2015 Superteams
Kale Storm     Boys on Fire II     Super Sexy Divas     Fab 5
Super Chicks     Wells Fargo #1     Namaste     Happy Hour Heroines
The Incredible Hulks!     Super...Natural     Team Nethaway
DUANESWORLD     Roseville Ramblers     Maui Surfers
Team Tortoise     Ukeleles     Saxony Supers I     Saxony Supers II
The Dirt Balls     Four Chicks and a Dude     Team ADT
Walgreens Lanterns     La Fuerza     Gavin's Minions     Gavin's Peeps
Gavin's Crew     Rocklin Bulldogs     Hufflepuff     Just for Fun
Buenaventura     Weekend Warriors     Super Hero 5 Squad

2015 Obstacle Sponsors (Superteams)
Rocklin Kaia FIT Rockstars     Team ADT Security
West Coast Nutrition     Knowledge Tree Knock-Outs     Girl Scouts
Walgreens     Wells Fargo

2015 Families
Jones Family     Mohay Family     Giorgi Family     Fernandez Family
Clark Family     Feldman Family     Fagundes Family     Jewell Family
Reading Family     Pratt Family     Barber Family     Duarte Family
Glatt Family     Higgins Family     Tuffanelli Family     Frederick Family
Flores Family     Jones Family     Adamson Family     Killhorn Family
Jagerhorn Family     Noguchi Family     Hillman Family     Falconer Family
MaKieve Family     Huddleston Family     Delarosa Family
Knopp Family     Eastman Family     Smallman Family     Hansen Family
Swank Family     Damacion Family     Sayre Family     Estepa Family
Carleton Family     Harvell Family     Oneto Family     Lee Family
Adamek Family     Nusz Family     Tan Family     Duerr Family
Jackson Family     Stuesser Family     Sheidenberger Family
Ivy Family     Howard Family     Carlson Family     Kamelamela Family
McLaughlin Family     Hill Family     Miller Family     Kubas Family
Ankrom Family     Mora Family     Shaw Family    Locketz Family
Mabe Family     Schaefer Family     Norono Family     Solano Family
Carson Family     Frost Family     Dour Family     Silveiro Family    
Moser Family     West Family     Robinson Family     Jacobsen Family
Schurdell  Family     MacDonald Family     Bennett Family          


                                     2015 Sponsors


City of Rocklin Parks and Recreation
5460 5th Street, Rocklin, CA 95677
(916) 625-5200